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Substance: A Recreational and Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Substance operates community retail and medical dispensaries in Bend, Cottage Grove, Springfield and Medford (Open Soon). Our nearby dispensaries provide safe access to recreational and medical marijuana in a judgment-free environment. We strive to interact consciously and thoughtfully with everyone in the communities we serve.


Substance wants our guests and staff in Bend, Cottage Grove, Springfield and Medford (Open Soon) to feel cared for, to be recognized as important members of society, and to leave our dispensaries inspired to be positive ambassadors for cannabis.


We offer clean, comfortable, safe, and consultative dispensaries to access Oregon’s bounty of marijuana which has been stigmatized and criminalized for ages. Many enthusiasts have been consuming cannabis in isolation, feeling guilt and shame, for much of their lives. We intend to change the perception of our relationship to cannabis, and to change the community’s perspective of this misunderstood plant.


We strive to operate in a model that is based upon compassion and legal integrity. Substance operates in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of Oregon’s adult use and medical cannabis laws.


Find a Marijuana Dispensary Location Near You

Here is a list of our cannabis dispensary locations in Oregon. Feel free to give us a call, stop by and pay us a visit, or order online.

Substance wants our guests to explore cannabis in a safe, comfortable, judgment- free environment.

Together we are ambassadors for the cannabis community

Whether it’s your first time stepping foot in a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary or your tenth, our associates are here to help. We take pride in offering a personalized cannabis retail experience for all.

Don’t settle for sterile, lifeless dispensaries. Our professional unicorns will help you craft the perfect goody basket during your visit. All of our products are readily visible in display cases with digital price tags that eliminate the need for cumbersome paper menus.

We also take the time to prepackage our flowers to improve hygiene, sanitation, and our quality assurance process. Every minute of scale time spent behind the scenes is time customers don’t spend in a line watching our staff work.

Shop at your own pace at Substance recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis to Fit Your Lifestyle

The cannabis industry has come a long way in the past decade. Today, you can find cannabis that complements your lifestyle, no matter what that may be.

At our recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, we offer a wide variety of cannabis strains and products. All have unique terpenes that give it particular smells, and which also play an important role in cannabis’ psychoactive effects and the overall user experience.

Depending on your lifestyle and desired effects, our experienced staff can help you find the right strain for your needs.

Follow our blog for updates on cannabis news and how to upgrade your cannabis regime.

Cannabis Consumption Methods

How you choose to consume cannabis is completely personal. You may find that one method is more effective than another for your particular needs. Or, simply one method is more compatible with your lifestyle or living situation.

Every person should find which cannabis consumption method is best for them. Our team is happy to help you understand the different consumption methods and their benefits.

Our Vision:

Bring about drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.

Offer safe access to lab tested cannabis for clients seeking medical relief.

Help individuals who come through our doors to feel truly cared for, valued and respected.

Create an extraordinary environment of customer service, honesty, and friendliness.

Provide sensible education on cannabis use and consumption.

Be a model of public safety and community welfare.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis

As a recreational and medical cannabis dispensary, Substance offers products for adults with or without a medical marijuana card.

Patients who are 18 years or older can purchase medical marijuana if they have a qualifying medical condition and have been approved for a medical marijuana card. In Oregon, you would need to apply for an OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) card. This program grants patient cards to Oregon residents with the written recommendation of a physician, an MD or DO.

A recreational consumer seeks cannabis for enjoyment rather than health purposes. There are differences in how much cannabis you can purchase and in the potency of products depending on if it’s for recreational or medical use.

At Substance Cannabis Market, we provide safe access to medical and recreational cannabis in a variety of forms. See what’s on the menu today at a location closest to you.

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