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Menstruation & Marijuana

By Sarah Weiss There is ample research available to support the theory that cannabis can help ease our aches and pains. It’s not a stretch to acknowledge these medicinal properties can extend to the pain and discomfort often associated with a menstrual cycle. So why isn’t this potential remedy shared far and wide between uterus-owning [...]

Celebrities & Cannabis: Seth Rogen’s Houseplant

By Kit Foreman In early August of 2008, two little films went head-to-head at the box office. Surprising nobody, The Dark Knight came out on top - but a little cannabis comedy called Pineapple Express came in second. Overall, it grossed $101.5 million dollars worldwide, and wrote Seth Rogen into the annals of stoner history. [...]

Pride Month & Cannabis

By Sarah Weiss Every June we see the rainbows roll out; flags and logos redone in rainbow serve to indicate that Pride Month has arrived once more. However, there’s a lot more to the history of Pride - and it all has a closer connection to cannabis than one might think. Pride wasn’t always parties [...]