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Vending With Us

Thank you for your interest in vending with us. We can only work with recreational cannabis entities licensed by the the OLCC. Our family of producers, processors, and wholesalers is vast, and it continues to grow as the bounty of Oregon cannabis production grows as well. We welcome you and look forward to meeting.

Substance is always on the lookout for beautiful flowers, potent concentrates, and tasty treats. We exclusively accepts cannabis products from legally qualified vendors who are cultivating and processing in accordance with Oregon law.

We have high standards for our products; please do not be discouraged if we are unable to accommodate you the first time. Many people try several times before succeeding; please maintain contact with us. Our needs change frequently as the cannabis industry is an ever-changing market.

We do review all submissions, however completion of the online vendor application form DOES NOT guarantee we will purchase your product or respond to your inquiry.

We are interested in giving and receiving feedback so that, together, we can provide the best possible experience for all of our vendors, clients and staff members.

We recognize that many vendors are not from Central Oregon and are traveling to our Bend dispensary from all around the state. Purchasing meetings are done by appointment only: Monday – Friday.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Substance vendor, and we hope to see you soon.

To begin the conversation please fill out our online vendor application form. 

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