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Substance Cannabis Dispensary in the Midtown area of Bend, OR

Welcome to Substance

Welcome to recently opened Substance, a community dispensary that provides safe access to medical marijuana in a judgement-free environment. Marijuana has become increasingly relevant in patients’ health care choices. We would therefore like to introduce our organization and facility as a resource.

Substance is a comfortable space for individuals who have been self-medicating in isolation to associate; we believe in the humanizing power of emotional connection. Our clients are commonly reporting using cannabis to help them eat, sleep, and successfully function. They report cannabis providing therapeutic relief that their traditional medical care does not offer.

Please tell us about how you are using medical marijuana. We want to understand your views, issues, and concerns about cannabis use too. What do your friends and family think about marijuana? How does your doctor feel about marijuana? Stereotypes can be strong; we break through them when we communicate openly and honestly with one another.

Provide us with suggestions for topics that you’d like us to consider, both on our website or in person. You can comment directly on our posts, or simply send us a note here.

We are looking forward to engaging you and getting to know you. We strive to interact compassionately with everyone — because together, we bloom well. Our resource center is unique. And so are you.

We welcome you to come visit Substance personally at 1814 NE Division Street in beautiful Bend, Oregon or check out our expansive Dispensary Menu.

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