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A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Flowering Stages

Whether you are a long-time marijuana user or are new to the game, it is well known that marijuana is in fact a plant that grows from soil and that it flowers to produce the cannabis that everyone loves and enjoys. But this doesn’t mean it has the same growth pattern as any other flower that goes into the ground. Sure, seeds are planted, watered, and there is a waiting time, but there are flowering stages of cannabis that are important to be aware of and help you better maintain your cannabis plant’s growth cycle.

So what are these cannabis flowering stages? And what are some common questions that first-time growers tend to ask during these flowering stages of cannabis? Check it out:

Conditions for Seedlings

First of all, when planting cannabis seeds, the conditions need to be ideal. Cannabis is not a weed (no pun intended) that will simply take off once it’s in the ground. It needs care and conditions that help it grow. These conditions include moisture and warmth. If you are using lights, they should be raised along with the plant’s growth.

And though moisture is important, it is crucial not to overwater your cannabis plant. In fact, water your seedlings as minimally as possible, while making sure the space they are growing is a moist environment. And in these early days, it is best to keep the plants in a small container before moving them to a larger, and permanent container. Once you move them over to larger pots, you will also start to adjust the amount of light they get per day, keeping them in darkness for 10-11 hours every day. This light cycle will trigger the cannabis flowering stage, which can last anywhere from 7-9 weeks, although it is common that some sativa plants might take a bit longer.

Cannabis Flowering Stage: Weeks 1 – 3

The plant won’t stop growing during this time (in fact, they are likely to double its size), but it will certainly slow down. You might notice white hairs on some of the leaves, which are known as “pre-flowers,” and are attributed to female plants. And toward the end of the third week, it is common for buds to start forming where the branches and the stem meet.

Cannabis Flowering Stage: Weeks 4 – 6

At this point, the growth of the plant itself comes to an end and the plant focuses its energy on flowering. You should notice the buds starting to fatten and the odors starting to become more prominent. And once this cannabis flower growth starts, it proliferates quickly. If there were some places where flowers were already sprouted, you will notice these flowers thicken, and you’ll notice others start to populate where there were no flowers previously. It’s important to keep a healthy feeding schedule during this time, as the nutrients will help the buds fatten and prepare for harvesting, which is an upcoming next step in the cannabis flowering stage.

Cannabis Flowering Stage: Weeks 7 – 8

At this point in the flowering stage of cannabis, THC will start bursting through the flower’s glands. Caps will begin to swell with resin and the buds will stand more erect. At the end of this week, your plants will be in their peak zone, full of odor, color, and bursting with THC. After this peak point, they will start to deteriorate, so there is no reason to wait any longer. Once the cannabis flowering stage is complete, it’s time to harvest and enjoy.

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