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Vaporizing Cannabis FAQs

If you’ve ever had questions about a vape pen that you are thinking of picking up or have already obtained, please allow us to reference you to the Atmos brand’s page of FAQs right here. While the page primarily pertains to the Atmos brand of vaporizer pens, many of the inquiries apply to multiple brands of vape pens. 

Why choose vaporizing over smoking?
Most people choose vaporizing for personal health reasons. It is considered to be dramatically less harmful to one’s body than smoking. Vaporizing is a process that heats the product and releases only the essential moisture and oils contained. You will get the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful carcinogens, chemicals, tar and smell that smoking would release. Choosing to vaporize your taste buds and body will feel revived with the fresh tastes being released! The aromas that are given off are very pleasant, dissipate very quickly and will not offend the people around you like second hand smoke does. As an added bonus most indoor facilities allow the use of personal vaporizers. No more worrying about your hair, clothes or house smelling of smoke. Vaporizing can also have a positive effect on your finances. Depending on how much you smoke, vaporizing can be a very cost effective method of ingesting your medicine. 


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