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Substance Definition

Substance: The Evolution of Cannabis Culture

Sub·stance (noun): the quality of being important, valid, or significant.


Our work as a community cannabis operator is incredibly important, and we are dedicated to being a champion of the power of the plant and diverse communities who choose to partake. The evolution of our brand is consistent with our desire to effect positive change in our society — one experience at a time. Doing so requires dedication, hard work, and a continuous change of mindset. Together, we will bring substance to the discussion of cannabis in our society.


The decision to change our brand was not taken lightly, as we know many of our customers have developed a deep bond with Bloom Well, our staff, and the care we have provided over the years. That being said, we feel that limiting cannabis to the wellness or botanical realms limits its universal adoption and acceptance. Changing our name doesn’t change the core of who we are, nor change our mission to create a culture free of guilt, shame, and stigma.


Our roots are medical and we are steadfast in our resolve to build relationships with our customers based on trust, shared knowledge and mutual respect. We always aspire to create retail environments that are judgement free. We are deeply engaged in exploring the vast benefits of cannabis. We want all adults to feel comfortable yet adventurous in our shared cannabis journey.


Ultimately, what’s important is how we treat ourselves, our friends, families, and our community members. We have always and will continue to do our best to treat everyone who walks through our doors with dignity and respect.


We are hopeful that our new identity will be appreciated and integrated as an extraordinary lifestyle brand. We love our new icon, and feel it is a powerful symbol of strength in our movement, and the importance of what we all do together.

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