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Topical Cannabis Salves

Topical Cannabis Salves

Salve is a broad term used to describe lotions, ointments, pastes, and creams that soothe or heal an area of the body that is excessively dry, irritated, burned, or wounded. Salves contain natural ingredients that can promote the healing process and reduce discomfort. They are commonly used to treat severely dry hands, inflamed joints, and sore or spastic muscles.

Enthusiasts swear by topical cannabis use to treat many ailments, including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, dermatitis and psoriasis. When properly prepared, topical cannabis salves can have analgesic, relaxing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and regenerative properties, and such preparations have been present in the human pharmacopeia for thousands of years.

People around the world have been healing and relieving pain with the cannabis plant for millennia. A common preparation of cannabis was to extract the medicinal elements of the cannabis by soaking the plants flowers in oil or other substances to dissolve the medicinal compounds into the oil. These cannabis extracts were then applied to the skin where the medicinal cannabinoids would enter the skin and body tissues, binding the medicine directly to the area of the body that was in need of healing and pain relief from injury, tension, inflammation muscle strain, bruising, or and other ailments.

Topical cannabis salves are considered by many to be universally healing with multiple effects. They combine the effects of an antibiotic ointment with the effects of a nourishing salve, efficiently relieving arthritis and rheumatism pains. It has also been shown to be extremely efficient for the treatment of burns, certain types of eczemas, psoriasis and fungus.

Some healing or relieving effects of a cannabis topical salve:

  • anti-inflammatory effects

  • analgesic effects

  • relaxation of muscles and other body tissues

  • muciparous decongestion

  • regeneration of body tissues

Some medical conditions that topical salves may help to heal and alleviate:

  • Rheumatism and Arthritis

  • Migraine and head pains

  • Certain types of dermatitis and psoriasis

  • Muscular pains and spasticity

  • Menstruation pains and cramps

  • Superficial wounds, acne, pimples, corns

  • Common cold, sore throat, bronchitis

  • Asthmatic problems with breathing

  • Cold Sores

  • Hemorrhoids

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